Sunday, November 20, 2016

REVIEW: King of Jacks by MacKenzie Raye

King of Jacks
A Royal Cards Trilogy
MacKenzie Raye

Love. Everyone, including me, has a different vision of what love is or isn’t. A man to stand-by me, enjoying my appearance as is, and sleep with only me, was my definition of love.

Away for business and a surprised early wrap-up lead me to venture down a road I avoided in the past. My secretive plans back-fired on me. Anger and embarrassment sent me running for the hills. Chaos sent my life down the spiral stairway to my own personal hell. 

From out of nowhere a man named Tanner entered my secluded retreat. Crossed wires had us staying in the same house, so I thought. The true light on my life shined and indicated the false pretenses I had been living under. In a matter of hours, my life flipped upside down and no one was to be trusted. 

Will I ever trust anyone again? Had my own internal fears allowed me to distrust the one person helping me? Love worked in mysterious ways and my love story was no different.

I absolutely LOVED this story. The way the story started out had me reeled in from the beginning. This story had such an awesome twist to the story and I never suspected a thing until the events unfolded. The suspense alone kept me reading. This is a sexy, seductive, and oh so yummy story that will keep you turning pages just to find out what will happen next. The characters are remarkable and unforgettable and delectably delicious to read. This is a really great erotica with a twisted tale. I highly recommend it!!

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