Tuesday, December 13, 2016

REVIEW: Danio's Prelude by Elizabeth Kirke

Danio's Prelude
More than Magic
Elizabeth Kirke

Hear Danio's story, told by the people who know him best. The ones who knew him when all of his laughter was genuine. The ones who were there through the worst that life could throw at him. And the ones who stayed by his side while he picked up the pieces.

An adult, short story collection, based on the Young Adult series, More than Magic.

Contains strong language, violence, and sex.

This book was incredible. I have always wanted to know what the story was on Danio. I knew he had to have quite a story to his life and quite the story he did have too. So many secrets and so many good and yet bad things that he went through. It was so unreal. It was a genius idea the way the author made each part of Danio's life into many short stories. It made for an interesting and addicting read at the same time. I was so addicted, I kept on the edge of my seat at the turn of every page, because I just had to absorb more of the story into my brain. A lot of the questions that I had about Danio were answered in this series of short stories and it made my feelers pop out during these stories for Danio. I highly recommend this read, though I strongly suggest an audience of 18+ due to some of the graphic scenes in the story. It was an incredible ride that I enjoyed from beginning to end.

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