Sunday, December 18, 2016

REVIEW: The Playlist Anthology

The Playlist
Chip Davis, Kindra Sowder, Aimee Shaye, Barbara Lieberman, Ellie Lieberman, Ben Lieberman, Alyse Taggart, and Toni Kerr

The Playlist... a multi-author anthology filled with stories inspired by music and song lyrics. Deep, gripping, gritty, and raw, the stories span musical genres and themes. Much like the music that inspired them, each story will strike a chord to the very end.

WOW....Where to start.....Each of these stories were unique in there own special ways. I have read a couple of these author's works before, but the rest are new to me and I absolutely LOVE diving into new to me author's works. I was extremely excited to read this story and here is why....I will break it down to you.

Angel’s Song by Chip Davis. This story is a simple, down to Earth story that I really connected with. I laughed and cried in this story and I must admit, for an Author who writes about squirrels with killer personalities, he did a fantastic job writing this story. It is actually my favorite one of the bunch. A really enjoyable and unforgettable story. Phenomenal.

Sparrow by Kinda Sowder. I really enjoyed this short story, though I am hoping that the author gives us some more of this character, because she left me craving to know more about this character. Mysterious. 

Lachrymose by Aimee Shaye. This story really pulled at my heartstrings. It was a feels real type of story of loss and it made me really sad for this character. There was so much pain in this story, but it was still a fantastic story and one you wouldn't wanna pass up. Fantastic.

Coming Home by Barbara Lieberman. I really loved this story too, but I am curious about reading more of Annie's story. I believe this one was cut a bit short. This story was another one that pulled at my heartstrings though too. Awesome.

Be by Ellie Lieberman. A lot of action and drama in this story. It did keep me entertained. This story was uniquely well written with a moral to the story. Incredible.

Shadowman’s Smile by Ben Lieberman. This story is uniquely and hauntingly beautiful at the same time. This story captured a bit of my soul with it. I could feel how the character felt with all the pain and anger that radiated off the pages of this story. This story actually got me thinking and wanting to evaluate some of the friendships and relationships in my life. I loved how this story made me actually stop and think after I finished reading it. Remarkable.

Strawberry Avalanche by Alyse Taggart. Simply magical. This story took me on a great adventure that I really enjoyed reading. I absolutely loved this world that was created by the mind of the character. Genius.

Courage: Never Look Back by Toni Kerr. This story really made me hurt. I just wished I could have been able to reach into the pages of this story and just hug this character. It's a grab you by the heart and stomp on it kind of story, but worth the time to read it. Amazing.

My final thoughts on this Anthology is that it was a remarkable way to bring forth the use of music into each story and I loved how the story wrapped around the songs. This is a really great group of stories put together to make a really memorable read and I highly recommend it to all to read. 

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