Wednesday, January 18, 2017

REVIEW: Sons of God by Mia Michele

Sons of God
Hosts and Hellions, #2
Mia Michele

In spite of his nature as a Tenth Realm Hellion, Ela has trusted Lucian and sacrificed herself in order to save Cape Spear. When she joins back with the archangels and the depth of Lucian's plan is made known, the archangels reveal game changers that have the Hosts and Ela questioning Lucian's motives. With the war at hand, however, there is no time to lose. They have to trust each other and join forces to try and save the world- but even that might not be enough for Ela to walk away from the war alive.

This story was all kinds of amazing!! I am still not sure how this author was able to pull off so much awesomeness in one story, but she did. I was so enchanted the more I turned each page, that it saddened me when it ended. I think I love this story even more than the first one. The characters were phenomenal and the story-line was so well written that I had trouble putting this book down. I loved how this story turned out, though it did make me cry to read about all the hurt, loss and suffering that each character went through throughout the story. I felt as if I could connect with these characters and I would wince right along with them during the time of pain, and rejoice with them during the time of happiness and joy. This is a magnificent read that I highly recommend and I am highly anxious to see where this author will take us on their next great journey of hope.

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