Monday, April 3, 2017

REVIEW: Heart of the Hurricane by Jennifer Malone Wright

Heart of the Hurricane
The Arcadia Falls Chronicles Book 10
Jennifer Malone Wright

The Hunters have returned home from Greece and are suddenly faced with new challenges as the vampire supporters continue to rise up. 

Gavin is happy to be back, but when he opens the door to a red headed Hunter who declares she is now part of their group, he is taken by surprise. While she isn’t bad to look at, he doesn’t care for how she simply walked in and took charge of their mission. 

Terra, only wants to make a difference. She grew up within Arcadia Falls and now that the vampire killing missions were less frequent, she wanted to be with a crew who went in search of them. After convincing her father to let her, she found herself assigned to the only Hunter’s she knew of who were what she was looking for.

This book was incredible. I loved reading this story and getting to know Gavin. This was quite the wild ride of emotions and war. The characters were phenomenal and the story-line, yet short, kept me turning each page until the very end. This author has an extraordinary way of keeping us craving more with these short stories and even though there are so many, she finds a way to keep us entertained and anticipating the next release. I can't wait to find out where this amazing team goes next and just who we will read about next. I highly recommend this read. 

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