Thursday, June 29, 2017

REVIEW: Uncommon World Series by Alisha Klapheke

Waters of Salt & Sin
Uncommon World Series 1

Set in a lush, high-fantasy world inspired by ancient Mediterranean cultures, Waters of Salt and Sin is perfect for Game of Thrones and Sabaa Tahir fans.

When seventeen-year-old salt witch Kinneret learns of a lost island of silver, she sets out to find it, raise her status, and finally have a chance to wed Calev, the high-caste friend she secretly loves. 

But when a madman enslaves her sister, Kinneret must make a deal with the local ruler: Find the island to secure the ruler’s place in history. In return, the woman’s fighting sailors will rescue Kinneret’s sister.

Using Salt Magic to navigate cursed waters, Kinneret and Calev struggle to hide their taboo, caste-breaking feelings, knowing if the ruler witnesses the attraction, she will cancel the agreement. But when Calev makes a terrible mistake, Kinneret must choose between the life of her only remaining family member and saving the boy she loves from a traitor’s death.

WOW. What an amazing adventure this story was. It was so full of wonder, excitement, and secrets at the turn of every page and I enjoyed every single minute of it. This is a unique tale that I have never read before and it kept me guessing every time. This author has won herself a new reader with her style of writing.

The characters were phenomenal. I felt so sorry for Kenneret a lot in this story. Her struggles felt real. Her emotions poured out of the story as I continued to read it. Just when the character thought nothing else would go wrong, life would knock her and something tragic would happen again, but she always found the strength to get back up.

The story-line was incredible. So much happened in this story and the author did a spectacular job of keeping me turning the pages in the story. There was even a lesson to be learned in the story too. I would tell you, but it would spoil the story, so I won't. But I do highly recommend this read to all to enjoy.

Uncommon World 1.5

A journey to a foreign city, a desperate girl, and a fever spreading like wildfire.

Following Waters of Salt and Sin, Uncommon Book One, Fever takes us to the Empire's capitol in the desert plains along with Calev and Avi.

Despite his retinue being laid low with a fever along the road to the capitol, Calev rides on, determined to present an important document to the Empire's ruler to preserve peace in his homeland and prove his ability to become Old Farm's chairman. Avi, days behind him, holds a terrible secret Calev must learn before it's too late. The fever has hit Kinneret, and Avi believes only Calev can save her.

This was an awesome short story of Kinneret and Calev and I loved to read a bit about Avi too. Also, in this story, the author introduced us to some new and amazing characters within the pages of this book too. 

The characters were phenomenal. I so loved reading about the adventure these characters had in this story.

The story-line was incredible and the words just seemed to flow off the pages and kept me interested and intrigued until the very end. I highly recommend this read too.

Plains of Sand & Steel
Uncommon World 2

A ruler’s young bride with a body to conceal, a mercenary bent on revenge, and the Fire magic that will alter their story forever.

The Wrath and the Dawn meets Truthwitch in the second standalone, full length novel of the Uncommon World series.

When her new royal husband dies at the beginning of an invasion, Seren must hide his body and use the visions the Holy Fire gives her to save the Empire from itself and its enemies. But if the high-ranking general who hates her discovers her secret, he’ll have her put to death. 

When invaders slaughter Ona’s family and shatter her artist life, she joins Lucca, an experienced mercenary and her exact opposite, and heads into war. She just knows the “chanting” she can do—imposing one’s will on the world and watching it come to life—will break the invaders and give her sweet vengeance. 

Both want to save the Empire but with tangled histories and new passions swirling around them, their divided motivations turn a possible victory into a deadly storm. 

Join the battle today!

*clean and appropriate for ages 13+
*spicy and slightly suggestive but nothing overt

This author really has a knack for writing and entertaining her audience. In Fever, we were introduced a bit to these amazing characters, Meekra and Seren, but this story goes into a bit more detail and we meet some new characters along the way. All the things that Seren had to go through, made me wonder how much she could take before she couldn't take anymore. This author has a knack for torturing her characters, and keeping me addicted and wanting to read more. This author also has a really knack for storytelling too and her unique style of writing sets her apart from all others with her imagination and worlds that she creates.

The characters were remarkable. It was so hard to not feel what the characters were feeling at the time. Seren had to do a lot of fighting and clawing to win battles with not just herself but with others who were against her. I also felt bad for Ona too. She was such a complex character with her own set of demons and was constantly fighting. I actually felt what these characters felt. 

The story-line was fabulous. All the secrets and demons in this story really kept me wanting to know more and see how things would turn out in the end. The words just flowed off the pages to me and I felt as if my imagination could travel right along with the characters in the story. This was my favorite of the three stories and I highly recommend it.

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