Friday, June 16, 2017

REVIEW: Yours Forever by Cathy Jackson

Yours Forever
Yours To....Book 3
Cathy Jackson

Maximillian Roselle needs Ruthie Eden like he needs air to breathe. Her compassion, passion, and faith have awakened his desire to love and be loved; and the attention she has received from his colleague, Ken Davis, has galvanized his determination to make her his own.

Ken knows a good thing when he sees it, so when his friend Max struggled with his relationship with Ruthie, he stepped in to give Max a push. Now he lends his friendship to bolster and encourage Max's faith in God and Ruthie.

Ruthie Eden enjoyed being single. She busied herself with her interests and her writing and hadn't seriously thought about sharing her life with anyone—until she met the Roselle family. With her heart open to be loved, the attention of other men has her head spinning.

Enter Jace Nelson, brought in to collaborate on Max and Ken's new video project. Charming and roguish, he has less-than-honorable intentions toward Ruthie. He takes this enterprise as an opportunity to turn Ruthie's head and change her heart, and doesn't care what claim anyone else might have.

This author has a way with words that will have you crying one minute and laughing the next. I love this author's style of writing. Everything about this story felt real and I felt as is I could connect with the characters. I don't find many stories that I can actually feel as if I belong in the story with the characters and have the feeling of being....HOME. I also loved how each chapter starts out with a Bible verse. Each Bible verse had me pondering about what I would be reading next and what each character would be going through. I feel as if I am learning a lesson as I read this book. I also love how this book picks right up where the last book left off. I am not much on cliffhangers and I hope the author has more for us. 

The characters were phenomenal! I hated how the devil tried to interfere in the characters lives and I was constantly on the verge of tears as different things tried to hurt Ruthie and Max. I am still in love with Carry and Mike. They are such fun and so grown up for their ages with their wisdom that they would share throughout the story. 

The story-line was AH-MAZING!! The words to this story were so smooth, they just seemed to flow off the pages as I read them and kept me wanting to read more. Just pure Christian magic flowed from this book and I REALLY enjoyed it a lot. I believe this is my favorite story of this series yet and I highly recommend the whole series if you haven't read it yet.

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