Wednesday, October 11, 2017

REVIEW: So Shall I Reap by Kathy-Lynn Cross

Revised Version

There is no protection from the Unseen.

Las Vegas, Nevada can't contain Alexcia Crystalline Stasis, who is living the ideal teenager's dream as the school's elite socialite. That is, until a fatal car accident changes everything. Now Alexcia’s emotions are on the verge of combusting. As if mourning the loss of her boyfriend isn't enough, she is also dealing with extreme night terrors that leave her wondering if she just might need to be fitted for a straight jacket.

Tevin isn't your normal daemon. He's the leader of his clan, and he also happens to be a very active Grim Reaper. He never wanted to be charged with babysitting the one girl who can sway Creation’s Balance. Tevin has known and kept Alexcia safe most of her life. Now that he has to become even more personally involved in her protection, Tevin finds himself having a hard time separating his sworn duty and pure curiosity. What does make Alexcia tick?

Will Tevin be able to keep Alexcia safe from the Unseen? And will Alexcia’s emotions eventually help Tevin attempt to understand what being human is all about? Or will the entities and assassins’ of the Unseen get what they want … her dead.

I loved this book the first time it was published and I still love it even though it has been re-released.

The characters were phenomenal. The fight that Alexcia put up within herself kept me turning each magical page. I also loved the battle that Tevin faced during this story too. Both characters are strong willed and I believe that there is a link between them that will become stronger and that something magical will happen. I felt a connection with these characters.

The story-line was incredible. Though most of the story is more informational and goes into detail and explains things, but it is not overdone. The author did a fantastic job of setting up each scene so that we got a clear picture of what we were reading. I loved the shocking events, the heartache, the love, and the overall weaving of the story. I was completely addicted and couldn't put the book down. I am excited to see where the next part of this adventure takes us. Highly recommended. 


  1. OMGOSHNESS! I'm crying & sitting here speechless.(And that's something, when my words stop flowing.) I appreciate all that you do for us authors and readers. I hope you'll enjoy the second installment. <3 Thank you, (sniff) Thanks so much. x.x

    1. You are so welcome Kathy-Lynn and thank you!! I can't wait to read the next book!!