Saturday, January 6, 2018

REVIEW: Flaming Retribution by Laura Hawks

Flaming Retribution
Laura Hawks

Romance novelist Kendall Roberts finds herself in desperate need of inspiration. Heading to a male review to appease her artistic appetite, she becomes embroiled in a chain of events which could end her life. Male dancer Skye Falcon notices Kendall at his club and is immediately attracted. However, he quickly discovers she is the object of someone intent on killing her. In order to save her life, he needs to solve the mystery before they succeed in their murderous attempts. Numerous fire bombs seem to throw Kendall into Skye's path and she has to wonder what unseen hand is guiding them to be together. Is it fate or is it by devious design?

Oh wow, what an amazing story! There are very few stories that capture my attention and keeps me reading nonstop from beginning to end. I did not take many breaks while reading this story and finished it in 12 hours.

The characters were awesome! I loved reading about Kendall and Skye. Kendall was such a strong and intriguing character. She never let her true feelings show during her difficult times. She was so mellow during those times and then broke down later when it was all over. I wish I could be just as strong as Kendall. Skye was sexy, caring, and very protective. He was swoon worthy and Kendall's Knight in Shining Armor. Those traits in Skye are the traits that all women wish for and I just loved how he took care of a person he barely knew and never left her sight.

The story-line was phenomenal! This author is a pure genus!! She knows how to keep you in suspense until just the right time and then she left out no details either. This is an edge of your seat thriller with a sweet and heartwarming love story and I highly recommend it.

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