Wednesday, May 23, 2018

REVIEW: The Adventures of Toy Boy by Smith Barner

Adventures of Toy Boy and the Lost Diamond
Smith Barner

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John Puram, the smart kid in 4th grade, is going to spend the day on a school field trip. It’s going to be fun, and he’s excited about visiting the museum. But the day starts off with one of John’s toys coming to life and the real adventure begins with more excitement than he could imagine!

What a cute story this was.

The characters are amazing!! I love how the author brought forth the John's imagination and made Supreme Man real and the adventure they went on together made the story so much fun to read.

The story-line was so much fun to read. I could actually imagine in my mind how real the story felt and had me thinking about children with this phenomenal imagination. I also loved the message behind the story. The illustrations in this story were remarkable too. They helped make my imagination go even further as I read the book. This is a story that children and adults will love to sit down and read together and talk about after the story is finished. I highly recommend this read and will continue to enjoy it no matter what age I am.

Adventures of Toy Boy and the New Kid at School
Smith Barner


John Puram is solving problems again! There’s a new kid in school named Timothy who learns differently from the others. When a bully starts to pick on him, John makes a big decision. Find out how Toy boy, Supreme Man and a new toy solves the problem.

This was another really cute story.

The characters were incredible! I loved how we got to see another adventure from John and Supreme Man and how the author added a new character, Molecule Woman. I also loved meeting some of John's classmates in this story too.

The story-line was so much fun to read and the illustrations were amazing too. This story just had my imagination run wild while reading this story. It was so awesome and made me love this story even more. I also loved the message that was in this story too. This is a super cool read and I know that children and adults of all ages will love this story as much as I did. We always need reminders about bullies. I highly recommend this read!

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