Wednesday, May 23, 2018

REVIEW: Zoey's Zany Life by Mikayla Lowery

Zoey's Zany Life
Mikayla Lowery


With a perfect twin sister and friends who have everything, Zoey Song can't catch a break from quirky mishaps and hilarious accidents. Trouble follows this mischievous redhead everywhere. Can Zoey find a place in her world where life isn't unbearable? Let's just say, sixth grade becomes quite the journey from self-loathing to self-confidence.

This is one of the cutest books that I have read in a while and I really enjoyed it. I love stories that children authors write.

The characters were amazing!! Zoey is the most adorable, funny, caring, and innocent sixth grader I have ever met. Everything she did, I could picture this silly little red head doing. The things this character did and thought made me remember the days that I was her age but not so talkative. lol I made a real connection with this character and fell in love with her immediately.

The story-line was incredible. I could see that this story came from a child and that all things the character thought or did could have been something that this author may have done too. I even found myself giggling at some of the things Zoey and her friends would do. This author brought forth a fabulous read that I will cherish forever and will go back and re-read just so that I can feel what it is to be that age again and again. I highly recommend this read to not only 5-6 graders but adults also just for the pure joy that comes off the pages of this book. 

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