Monday, September 26, 2016


A Vampire's Saving Embrace
Supernatural Desire #1
Darlene Kuncytes

Abigail Montgomery was happy with her life. She was independent, strong, and had managed on her own for a very long time. That was, until the dark, handsome Desmond LaGrange showed up at the bar where she worked. How could she know that this mysterious man would end up saving her from the evil that she didn't even know existed? And why was she so drawn to him? Why did he make her body heat with just a simple look? Desmond LaGrange was fighting a past he was trying hard to forget. But when he see's the beautiful Abby working behind the bar - something deep inside compels him to get closer. The only question is why? And when he saves her from danger - can he resist the strong pull between them to let her go when the time comes? Or will the passion that she ignites in him be his end?

Wow, what an amazing and phenomenal read. This was one romance story that I just couldn't put down. Abby was quite the naive character and took everything to heart. She would allow her fears to consume her and her self-conscious would always get the best of her. Abby was a magnificent character and was easy to relate to and I loved how the author brought her to life. Des was a strong willed, protective, and stubborn vampire, but had the biggest heart of gold that I have ever seen. These two characters were really and truly made for one another and they made the story so worth reading. This author really has a knack for capturing her audience and keeping us entertained from beginning to end. She is also really good at keeping you guessing and the need for a few cold showers too. I highly recommend this story to all Adults of love Erotica.

A Wolf's Saving Embrace
Supernatural Desire #2
Darlene Kuncytes

Hard-headed and fiercely independent - Katrina Winslow is definitely not used to being told what to do.
Yet - just when she thinks her life might be heading in the right direction for the very first time - she's hit with a bomb-shell; and her past pops up to haunt her.
Suddenly, she is sent down a path that she has no desire what so ever to take; and is told to leave behind the one man that she could possibly care for - or he'll be killed. And that makes for one ticked off Witch!

Now, it's Lucas Blackwater's turn to show Kat that he is a force to be reckoned with. He is the Alpha male of his pack - sarcastic, overbearing and drop-dead gorgeous...and definitely not used to being told no. 

When Kat tells him that she's leaving - he doesn't take the news well - and forces her to take him with her. Whether she likes it or not.

Together they begin a journey that will change their world in more ways than they could ever have imagined. And, as Kat tries to push Luke away; for what she believes is his own safety - Luke has other idea's. And the sparks fly!
Can Luke convince her that what they have between them is real - or will the dangers that threaten everything they are destroy them? And, everyone that they love - including Abby and Desmond.

A fun, sultry, touching romance with passion and heart! It will grab you and hold on - from start to finish! Join the next journey in the Supernatural Desire Series.

Wow....spicy, sassy, seductive, and oh so yummy!! This author has once again grabbed my attention with her style of writing. She just knows how to suck you in from the beginning and keep you guessing until the end. This story is actually my favorite one of the two that I have had the pleasure of reading. I loved the spit fire, Kat. Women want to be her and she is every man's wet dream. She has spunk and could care less what people thought of her on the outside, but on the inside is a totally different and soft girl who cares about everybody. Lucas...what can I say...He was a hunky dreamboat that was all man and wolf and just......YUMMY. This book also had a lot more surprises in it than the first one did I thought too. I read this book all in one sitting because I HAD to know what would happen next. This is a remarkable read of love, courage, and sacrifice. I just felt as if I could connect with these characters too. I highly recommend this Paranormal Erotica to all adult readers and for sure you will not be sorry.



  1. There are absolutely NO words to express my thanks Jenny! You are amazing and I am humbled! Thank you! Thank you for such an amazing feature. Thank you for your time, love and attention! But, most of all, thank you for becoming a cherished friend!!! Love you to the moon!!!

    1. You are so very welcome, Darlene!! I love you too!!

  2. If you have not read Darlene's books they are must to be put on your list <3



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