Wednesday, February 22, 2017

REVIEW: Bleed Like Me by Madison Daniel

Bleed Like Me
Bleed Like Me #1
Madison Daniel

In the dead of night there is one absolute. Monsters are real. They exist. Los Angeles, the City of Lost Souls, is their playground.

Immortals. Beasts. The Wicked.

Rumor Cross, is an average college student, in debt, foul-mouthed, and fiercely loyal to her best friend Joella. Together, they will discover the truth behind what goes bump in the night. Students are disappearing, strangers are on edge, and the City of Angels is on the brink of a supernatural war. Can they stop it? Do they want to stop it?

Bleed like me is the first chapter in the sexy new adult paranormal series from acclaimed author Madison Daniel. Blood, Lust and Forever, await those who dare to steal a peek inside...

Can you survive an evening with the NIGHTINGALES?

Well, the author does ask us: "Can you survive an evening with the NIGHTINGALES?" And I must say No, but in a good way (Shivers)....

WOW...I did not think it was ever possible to sink my teeth into a new series by this particular author, because he has a way of topping his stories each time he writes a new one, but it happened......

I sunk my teeth into this story and twelve hours later, I was in awe and decided that this author has the next bestselling book yet!! I am left completely craving more!! The characters are phenomenal and extremely hard to forget. They are completely embedded in my mind for all eternity. They were so life like, I felt as if I was transported from the real world into the pages of this incredible and magical world. The story-line had me smiling, crying, and cringing at the turn of every page. I was completely enchanted by the words that seem to float off the pages as I read and I literally couldn't put this book down. I highly recommend this read!!

Due to some of the graphic scenes, this book is not for the faint of heart nor anyone under the age of 18. READER DISCRETION IS ADVISED.

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