Thursday, October 12, 2017

REVIEW: Of Noble Blood: Out of Darkness by E.H. James

Being the queen’s daughter doesn’t exclude you, when the fate of the world is in the balance. And when Princess Amara has the opportunity to help, she readily accepts. 

Transformed into a shape-shifting time traveler, she journeys back through the centuries to the year 1522. Here she retrieves a baby boy and brings him forward to the year 1995, where he becomes Jesse Miller. 

Unaware he is chosen, he comes to realize he alone must save the world. And with the help of Amara, he must travel further yet into the future, to destroy the demon infiltration and repair the damaged timeline. 

But the story is far from over, and when he returns to 2233, where he lives with Amara, he discovers there is far more to experience than he can possibly imagine.

Wow, this was another amazing story. I love how the author takes each story and makes it the POV of each character and how these characters connect at some point and cross paths.

The characters in this story were once again phenomenal. The POV of this story was Amara and it was so fascinating to see how her story unfolded and cross paths with Jesse.

The story-line was incredible. The turn of each page was so addicting and refreshing. I loved the detail that the author went into to explain what happened from beginning to end and the flashbacks and the heartache that the character went through had me in tears. This is the first book that the author actually had me crying instead of the edge of my seat frightened for the characters. This is by far my favorite story out of the whole collection and I highly recommend this read.

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