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RELEASE DAY BLITZ W/REVIEW: Decluttered and Dead by Carolyn Ridder Aspenson

Decluttered and Dead
A Lily Sprayberry Realtor Cozy Mystery Series Book 2
Carolyn Ridder Aspenson

Smalltown realtor Lily Sprayberry is back again in the second book of the Lily Sprayberry cozy mystery series! 

Every time the Bramblett County Georgia body count rises, so does realtor Lily Sprayberry’s popularity. 

And these days, she’s very popular. 

When a member of her decluttering and staging class winds up dead, Lily takes it personally and sets out to find the killer. 

Saddled with guilt, she struggles to accept that the killer just might be someone from her past. 

The problem is figuring out who before the killer catches on. 

You’ll enjoy this stand-alone cozy mystery even if you’ve not read Deal Gone Dead, the first book in the Lily Sprayberry Realtor Cozy Mystery series. Get your copy now! 

Secrets are never really secret, especially in a small town.

I think I am in love with Cozy Mysteries after reading this story by Aspenson.

The characters were amazing. I loved reading about Lily and Belle and how together they made the perfect team, and not just in selling properties but in solving the murders. Henrietta and Bonnie were my favorite characters and they were a riot to read. They had me cracking up throughout the story.

The story-line was incredible. I was completely hooked from beginning to end. This author is a complete genus!! The way she would lead me to different clues and making me think I solved the murderer to finding out in the end that I was wrong made the story so addicting and fun to read. This story left me in shock and awe at who the murderer was, but that is for you to find out!! Pick up your copy today, I highly recommend it!!


A Lily Sprayberry Realtor Cozy Mysteries Series book 1

Meet Lily Sprayberry. Selling homes is her career. Solving murders, her calling. 

There’s money buried somewhere on Myrtle Redbecker’s property, and people are dying to find out where. 


When Bramblett County, Georgia’s number one realtor Lily Sprayberry finds her cantankerous older client dead on the kitchen floor, she lands herself smack dab in the middle of a long-running property battle and a one-hundred-year-old rumor. 

Lily made a promise to sell Myrtle’s land whether her client’s alive or not. But whoever wants that money doesn’t want the property to sell and will do whatever’s necessary to stop her. 
Can Lily keep her promise, or will she wind up another victim in this deal gone dead? 

This is my very first Cozy Mystery by the Author that I have ever read and what an amazing Cozy Mystery this was!!

The characters were incredible. Lily was so much fun to read about and get to know. For being a real estate agent, she made solving murders easy. I enjoyed following along with Lily and the clues to solving the murderer.

The story-line was phenomenal. I literally couldn't put this book down. It was so much fun reading along and solving the crimes and thinking I had the murderer figured out to finding out that in the end, I never knew what hit me. Aspenson is an amazing writer and is awesome at reeling her audience and keeping us in suspense. This is a fun and addicting story and I highly recommend it!!


Carolyn Ridder Aspenson is the Amazon and Barnes & Noble best selling author of Unfinished Business An Angela Panther Novel, Unbreakable Bonds An Angela Panther Novel, Uncharted Territory An Angela Panther Novel, The Inn At Laurel Creek, a contemporary romance novella and Santa's Gift, a Cumming Christmas Novella.

Aspenson is a freelance writer living in Atlanta, GA. For more information, visit carolynridderaspenson.com.

RELEASE DAY BLITZ W/REVIEW: Extra Innings by Lynn Stevens

Extra Innings
Author: Lynn Stevens
Genre: YA Sports Romance
Cover Designer: Najla Qamber Designs
Publisher: Siren Press
Publication Date: September 18th, 2018
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR

Victoria Hudson is a seventeen-year-old with a passion for baseball. When her grandmother buys a new house in the city, Vic discovers a way to play the game for the first time since getting kicked out of little league. She just has to move in with her hippie grandmother and make sure her father, a U.S. Senator and prospective Presidential candidate, doesn’t find out what she’s up to over the summer break.

After proving her abilities on the field, she catches the attention of Daniel Cho, the team’s catcher. Everything seems to be falling apart, and yet falling into place. Vic settles into a life she’s always wanted, that of a normal teenage girl. But Victoria Hudson is anything but normal. Once the press learns that the potential First Daughter is crossing the gender line to play baseball, Vic is thrust back into the spotlight and making headlines. The life she tries so hard to get away from simply won’t leave her alone.

Buy Link:  Amazon

There are very few sports stories that I have read and loved from beginning to end and this is one of them. This is also the first book that I have read by this author and I am happy to announce that this author has a new follower. I also must admit that it's very rare that I am so far into a story that I am not watching my kindle's battery and let it completely die on me while reading a story. Yep, it happened.

The characters were incredible. The life Victoria had to live left a piece of my heart within the pages of this story. She had so many ups and downs and I felt as if I could connect with her. Having to live within the shadows of a well known parent is very hard. I know because I lived it. Victoria was a very strong willed character and I gave her props for what she went through and how she handled situations, which also made me love her even more. Also the struggling relationship between Victoria and Daniel made for such a sweet love story.

The story-line kept me craving for more. I was completely glued to this story and as I turned each page, I felt as if I needed to know more. Stevens is an absolute genius!! She knows just how to capture her audience, no matter the age, and reel us in from the very first sentence. I highly recommend this read.

Lynn Stevens flunked out of college writing her first novel. Yes, she still has it and no, you can't read it. Surprisingly, she graduated with honors at her third school. A former farm girl turned city slicker turned suburbanite, Lynn lives in the Midwest where she drinks coffee and sips tea when she's out of coffee. She’s the author of Full Count and Game On..

Author Links:
Website : Goodreads : Twitter : Facebook : 

Top of the 1st
Acid waved in my stomach, reaching for the peak of my throat.
Stop it. You can do this. Just go at it like you own the place. Stride up to the coach like Mom does when she’s on the donation hunt.
The fields sat at the southern end of Jackson Memorial Park: one for softball, one for baseball. I had parked on the baseball side by a beat-up orange truck. The boys were already there, tossing balls and joking loud enough that I heard them through the closed windows of my car. Thankfully, the softball field was empty. Taking a deep breath, I climbed out of the car, pulling my equipment from the backseat.
Maybe it was my BMW, or maybe it was me, but the only sound I heard as I stalked toward the field were birds chirping to one another. No doubt the guys recognized a girl when they saw one. Mother Nature blessed me a bit too much in the boob department for anybody to mistake me as a boy.
I strode onto the soft dirt of the field and straight toward the older man with the clipboard. Coach Bernie Strauss stared back at me. He was easily six-eight with tree trunk legs and arms that UFC fighters would die for. He looked more like a Marine Corps drill instructor than a summer league baseball coach. I totally wanted to test him by shouting “Semper Fi.”           
 I stopped in front of him, waiting for what I knew was coming.
“Softball practice ended about twenty minutes ago.” He sounded like he ate gravel for breakfast.
“I’m not here to play softball, Coach.” I straightened my back and channeled my mother’s unbending confidence. “I’m here to help you win the city championship this year.”
No one laughed like I expected. So I exhaled, relaxed. Big mistake.
“Get off my field. I ain’t got time for this,” he shouted loud enough that birds scattered from a nearby tree. Coach Strauss turned his back to me and continued to bark at the team. “If you don’t get back to practice, you’ll be running laps in three … two …” His slight Texan accent made the “you’s” sound like “ya’s”.
The boys started throwing and stretching again, but they didn’t stop watching us.
“Coach –” I began.
“I ain’t your coach.”
I lost my cool, just like my father. “This is bullcrap. Look at your registration sheet.” He didn’t, so I snatched the clipboard from him and pointed. “See the name Vic Hudson? Well, that’s me. I paid to play. And I fully intend to. It isn’t against the rules.”
Coach ripped the clipboard from my fingers and flipped to another page. I waited. He read. I tapped my foot. That’s not nearly as dramatic on a dirt infield. The boys stopped warming up again.
He looked me up and down. “Fine. I’ll give you a shot, Hudson. You suck and you’re gone.”
“I can deal with that.”
“Get out there.” He pointed at a tall, super skinny boy. “Delvin, warm her up.”
I tossed my bag into the dugout and jogged onto the field. It didn’t take me long to figure out why Coach Strauss told Delvin to warm up with me. He kicked his leg like a pitcher and tossed a pretty nasty fastball. If I had to guess, he could hit ninety from the mound on a good day. It would’ve been stupid if I said anything, even though every ball he threw at me stung my fingers like tiny pricks of a hundred safety pins. I didn’t even try to throw my hardest. I warmed up like it was any other day.
Then he began stepping back. One step here, then another.
I threw hard and high to make my point. Delvin had to reach to get it. He may throw harder, but I can throw farther.
“Alrigh’, get in here,” Coach yelled. He raised his eyes at Delvin, who shrugged. “I know most of you from last year. We only got two potential newbies. One’s a girl. Anyone got a problem with that?”
If they did, they sure as hell weren’t going to tell Coach Strauss.
“Good. I expect you to treat her like you’d treat anybody else.” He looked at me and softened his tone. “What position do you play, honey?”
“Third.” I glared at him. He smirked then turned back to the team. Before he could open his mouth, I said, “And I’m not your honey.”
His head snapped back like he’d taken a right hook to the cheek. “Excuse me?”
I pointed at Delvin. “Do you call him ‘honey’?”
Delvin’s cheeks glowed light pink with either rage or embarrassment. I didn’t know which and really didn’t care.
Coach didn’t answer me though. His chin grew beet red, which crept up his cheeks all the way to his pale yellow crew cut. Steam came out of every clogged pore on his face as he yelled, “Everybody at third. Jayden, get your ass to first.” He sneered at me and I expected to get kicked off the field. “We’re going to field some grounders and see who handles them best. I’ll hit you three then rotate. Hudson, ladies first.”
Crap. Me and my big mouth. He’s going to either hit me a line drive at a hundred miles an hour or make me go so far out of range that I make an ass of myself.
I jogged to third and dug my cleats into the stubborn dirt. The rest of the guys lined up along the fence, amused grins matching Strauss’s own jack-o-lantern expression. Coach tossed the ball into the air.
I jumped spread eagle and dropped my glove between my legs, catching the line drive. I came down ready to throw to first, but Jayden wasn’t on the bag. He stood three steps off with his mouth open. Smiling, I rolled the ball back to home plate.
Coach didn’t give me time to get back into position when he hit a grounder to my left. In a game, the shortstop would’ve played it, but this was a different type of game. I dove and knocked it down. My throw to first was in the dirt, but I was on my butt when I whipped it across the infield. That shouldn’t be held against me. It was an almost impossible play.
The last ball went up the line. I hustled and would’ve had it clean until it hit the bag. It took a nasty bounce that was nearly out of reach. I jumped and brought it down barehanded, throwing to first off balance as I fell into foul territory.
I stood up without looking to see if Jayden caught it and walked to the fence to wait for my next turn. The guys gawked at me as I leaned against the fence, ignoring them. I’d made my point. I could field. My next time up, Coach hit some routine grounders.
After rotating through every infield position, it was time for batting practice.
 “You’re up,” Coach announced as he pointed his chunky finger my way. “Delvin, pitch to her.”
While Delvin threw some warm up tosses, I pulled my large batting gloves on, stretching them over my long fingers. The shin guard came loose as I walked to the plate, but I didn’t dare adjust it. Not yet anyway. I’m a switch hitter in softball but more natural from the right side. So that’s where I started when I stepped into the box. I wasn’t entirely certain I could hit a fastball from the left anyway.
Delvin dug at the rubber. I did the same at the plate. Kicked some rocks out from under my right foot. Buried my left foot in the front of the box. Right arm cocked at a ninety degree angle, my bat perched above my shoulder, I waited. A trickle of sweat ran down my cheek. This felt more like a playoff game than a practice.
My swing was graceful as I rocked the fastball over Jayden. He stretched, revealing his dark walnut skin. His long braids smacked his back as he dropped to the ground. Jayden could jump for a big guy.
“Nice,” Coach said.
The Asian boy behind the plate whistled low and said, “Sweet.”
Delvin tossed a few more pitches before Coach snapped at me to get to third. I didn’t hesitate, grabbing my glove and hustling onto the field.  
“Get in the dugout,” Coach commanded after everyone had hit.
I stood at the end of the bench, waiting for the axe to drop. I’d played well enough to warrant sticking around, but I was still lacking the mandatory testosterone. If Coach told me to go, I would. It was his team and I wasn’t about to make things worse by throwing an epic hissy.
“We got a tough schedule this year. Last year, the Rebels kicked our ass to take the district. Well, half those boys can’t play no more. Hell, we’re missing three of our own. It’s time we take our game to the next level. The Rebels need to rebuild more than we do. We can take ‘em. Now get outta here. I’ll see you tomorrow.” He glanced my way. “All of you.”
I grabbed my gear and practically bounced out of the dugout when Coach called me and Shane Anders back.
Shane was short, plump, and had a face pot-marked by zits and craters. Something told me that his dad made him play to get him out of the basement. Coach Strauss towered over him. Shane tremored a little.
“Alright. Vic, what’s your real name?”
He sighed, sending a poof of peppermint my way that didn’t conceal his bad breath. It smelled like he didn’t bother to brush his teeth in the morning. Ever. “Don’t bullshit me, girl.”
“I’m not, Coach. Vic’s short for Victoria.”
He stared at me and shook his head. “Fine. Here’s the drill. We practice every day at the same time, at the same place until the first game. Ain’t hard to remember. No excuses for tardiness or missin’ a game. Miss a practice, you don’t play the next game. Bring your own equipment. Forget your glove or your cleats, you don’t play.
“Games start next week. Your jersey will be clean. If it ain’t, you ain’t playin’. We play on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays for six weeks. Team that wins their district plays in the city championship tourney. I don’t know nothin’ about either one of you, but there are a couple of boys here that could move on to college ball. Scouts look at summer programs, too, especially if they’re already interested in a player. Neither one of you is goin’ to play baseball at the next level. I just ask that you don’t screw it up for everyone else.
“Now get out of here. Today’s practice was a short one. Tomorrow’s not gonna be this easy.”
Shane took off in a hurry. It was obvious he was scared of Coach. We watched him run to a small pickup truck and scamper in.
“Can I ask you something, Vic?” Coach crossed his arms and glared at me.
“Yeah, sure.”
“Why’re you here?” He nodded toward the empty softball field. “You could be playin’ ball over there. Tell me the truth.”
I knew the question was coming, but I didn’t expect any sincerity behind it. “Softball isn’t baseball, Coach. It may seem similar, but it isn’t the same. I wanted to play ball one more time. That’s all.”
He nodded, then turned away from me and started gathering his bats.
“Am I really on the team?” I asked. I needed absolute confirmation.
“Yeah, got no choice.” He straightened up and smiled at me. “Looked at the regs. Doesn’t say this team is for boys sixteen to seventeen. Just says players. But you already knew that, didn’t you?”
I smiled. Of course I did. “See you tomorrow, Coach Strauss.”
He grunted and I took off to my car, trying not to skip like a ten-year-old.
I’m in. I’m going to play ball again.

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COVER REVEAL: A Callous Kind by Angela K. Parker

Copy of ACK CR

A Callous Kind

Author: Angela K. Parker 

Genre: NA Contemporary Romance 

Cover Designer: Dark Water Covers 

Release Date: November 30, 2018

A Callous Kind

Copy of Tiny Banner.ATB (4)

Bradley Sam is my one. When I met her, I knew that she would change everything. Our love was all-consuming. I thought it was unbreakable. We were happy, content, and making plans for our future. I should’ve known better than to make plans. They always fall apart when I least expect it. Things happen beyond my control. Mistakes are made that are hard to accept, and the love that I feel falls prey to mistrust. Samantha Brad is my yellow. I’ve been comforted in the blanket of our love from the moment I let him in. It was stupid of me to think that nothing would change. I thought that if I ignored the problem, it would go away, but it didn’t. It stalked me, lurking in the distance for a chance to strike. Now everything that Brad and I have built is crumbling, and I don’t know if there is anything that I can do to stop it.

bio pic (1)
Angela K. Parker is a country girl with a big heart. She grew up in Greeleyville, SC where she graduated from C.E. Murray High School. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration/Finance from Limestone College in Gaffney, SC. Her passions include reading, writing, music and she loves spending time with her family. When she’s not engaged in any of the above, she’s knitting or catching up on the latest movies. She’s always had a very active imagination. Now she’s putting it to good use.


Website : Amazon : Goodreads : FB : 


Excerpt Bradley I’ve never wondered what I would do if the perfect girl walked into my life because I never expected it to happen. Sam isn’t someone that I asked for. She was presented to me at a time when I was open to love. Her voice is something that I will never be able to forget. It’s what first drew me to her. Her uncertainty and reluctance, in the beginning, is what made me want her even more. Pursuing Sam was the best decision I’ve ever made in my entire life. Now I’m faced with another decision, that’s really a no-brainer. Do I take the job that was offered to me at Linkin Engineering or move away to one of the better options? There is no way that I would ever leave Sam behind and I can’t ask her to uproot her life just for me. My mind was made up the moment she told me that she loved me. Where ever she is, is where I want to be. Even if my mind wasn’t already set on staying, I wouldn’t have to decide until I’m done with school. As it turns out, I’m a prime candidate for the job and they want me to work for them just as much as I want to be there. It’s crazy to fall so hard for someone that I’ve only met months ago. There’s this pull between us that’s impossible to resist. I don’t think I could let her go even if I tried. I’ve been thinking about renting an apartment or a house for Sam and me. Every time I attempt to bring it up, something stops me; leaving me to wonder if I’m moving too fast. I just want to be with her and spending nights alone in my bed is not working for me anymore. I haven’t gotten a full nights sleep since our trip last month. I haven’t been able to enjoy her the way I did that night again, but oh how I long for it.



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