This is my Author Testimonials Page, where you can read the thoughts of each Indie Author that I work closely with. Please, take a moment and read them.

Thank you,
Jenny Bynum

"Jenny has been an incredible support to me. It is not always an easy task for an author to find good beta readers who are well rounded and enjoy several genres. Jenny has read pretty much every single book I have written and luckily she loves them all. Her reviews are objective and supportive. I will continue to have her read everything that I do and any author would be fortunate to have her on their beta/reviewers list."~Rue Volley, Amazon International Bestselling Author

"Jenny Bynum is an amazing beta reader! I can always count on her to read and review any of my work in a timely manner. I appreciate everything she has to offer to me as an author."~Elizabeth A Lance, Author of The Soul Mates Series

"Jenny Bynum has been so helpful to me during my author journey. She is always willing to promote any piece on her multitude of pages (which all have many active followers). She has helped on my release days by not only promoting my pieces, but also leaving fabulous reviews, helping to gain followers for my release parties AND hosting wonderful games for me. Jenny doesn’t spam your novel either, she’ll share it properly and in the right places to get you the attention you need. From my experience, Jenny Bynum is one of the best Indie supporters I know."~ Megan J. Parker, Author of Scarlet Night Series

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jenny Bynum on a number of my titles. Along with her skills at organizing and hosting promotional events, her connections with both eager readers and skilled authors makes her a valuable asset for expansion in the industry. Outside of her talents as a marketer, Jenny is also a brilliant and dedicated literary mind with a keen eye for detail and quality. All of these traits come coupled with a professional and comforting demeanor that has me both confident and comfortable that my needs are being handled the way they should be."~Nathan Squiers, Award Winning Author of The Crimson Shadow Series

I don't think I need to tell you all what an awesome person Jenny is. But did you know she is also an amazing Beta reader. She helped me out with Revenge, the third book in my Guardian trilogy. So if you are after someone to help with your Beta reading, she is seriously quick, efficient and affordable. You'd be hard pressed to find better.
Cheers. ~Gillian Joy, Author of The Guardian Series

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