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The Romance Troupe's Sizzling Summer Blog Hop!

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Black Words-White Pages is proud to kick off the first day of The Romance Troupe's Sizzling Summer Blog Hop!! Today I am going to introduce you to one of my amazing Indie Author's, Rue Volley and I have some fun stuff to share along with my Book pick for this Blog Hop!!

My favorite Hot and Sexy Book that I have read so far this summer and want to share with you is called Golden Crown Series: The Bitter End!!! 

The Bitter End

(Golden Crown Series: Book 1)
Blurb: Bethany was born into a world of privilege and has never had to want for anything in her life. Her parents gave her everything, but the one thing she desired the most was love. When Bethany’s Mother dies her Father becomes even more distant with the immediate replacement of Bethany’s Mother by “Miko”, a woman who has no compassion nor interest in Bethany whatsoever.
On her own and living in a penthouse, which is a lavish gift from her Father, Bethany ignores all responsibility as she lives on a weekly allowance her Father is sure to place into her bank account. With too much time on her hands Bethany is free to pursue other interests such as a boy she never cared for in school named Ryan Blackwell. Ryan is a male escort for hire and has made his living on pleasuring the higher echelons of New York society women, but when he meets Bethany his game is shifted from one of hunter to prey and he will soon find out that she is not the easy target he once imagined. Their torrid love affair is filled with a painful need to harm each other in every way, including the bedroom. Will Bethany finally receive the love she has always desired or will her lineage doom her forever?
“The Bitter End” is book one in the Golden Crown Series, filled with lust, greed, suspense and murder. Sometimes new beginnings lead only to bitter ends.

“Yeah, Really,” Ryan said as he looked at the dashboard and shook his head. He turned the key and you could hear the engine whining, not unlike he had on a few occasions…whining that is, saying fucking everything and nothing, all at the same time. I swear he is about as useful to me as this fucking car is right now. I tapped my nails on the windowsill and looked out at the shitty weather. It was raining like Satan was on his way and the earth needed to be nice and soft for him to claw his way through the ground below us. I leaned in and blew my hot breath on the window and there it was, the stupid heart I had drawn earlier in the year when he had me out on a date, all romantic and shit. Yeah, romance. What a joke. I slowly traced my finger against the heart as my own heart fluttered a bit as the memory of his cock inside of me the night I drew this completely consumed my mind. It pisses me off that I still want him that way even after…
I turned and looked at him, pushing my hair behind my ear and waiting. I mean he has to have a fucking plan right? Probably not, I mean it is Ryan, the cheating fuckall shithead.
“How about popping the hood and checking out the engine?” I asked him and he sighed and then stared down at his hands gripping the steering wheel.
“Ryan? RYAN?” I said a bit louder and he looked at me. I stared into his face as lightning cracked and lit him up. I swear the past three weeks had aged him something terrible as I had made it my mission to be the biggest cunt this side of cuntville. He sat back and let his hands fall into his lap.
“I know nothing about that shit.”
“Oh sweet, any other way you want to fucking make my year then?” I asked him and nothing, no response. I mean what could he say really? Ryan had only done one thing in his life that warranted a spine and that was admitting to his dick wandering into a woman he met at a bar, or so he said. Three weeks ago. It was raining not unlike it is now. I had sat staring out our penthouse window, wondering why I had found myself in this fucking situation with a boy, yes a boy…not a man. A man would not be cheating on someone who loved him so completely. Who had stepped away from family against her Father’s will and placed a substantial inheritance in jeopardy. Why you might ask? Well, Ryan can fuck me. I mean fuck. Not make love or stroke my ego, I mean flip me over and shove it in without saying a fucking word and his aggression is something I cannot seem to be without. We torture each other, not only in the bedroom but in life and to me it keeps my senses heightened and my pussy wet. What other things are there really? Fucking Ryan, and his perfection. I hate him as much as I love him, I really do. But more importantly my Father hates him and that alone makes him mine to keep.
“How about you pretend, or is that something you can’t seem to do either?” I said and with that he swung the car door open and slammed it behind him. I jumped slightly as it matched up to a loud crack of thunder overhead. I smiled as I watched him slip and fall, yelling out a nice big “FUCK” as he pulled himself back up and flipped the hood up. It was all in spite. He is right, he has no clue as to what an engine does or does not do. Ryan had spent his life with a tongue to a random clit in one form or another and knowing this I should not be shocked he strayed. But it is me, the one who took him as he was and not as the playboy he pretended to be making his way through the upper level of New York society girls. I guess I was just a target too but he had no idea I was as ruthless as he was or as brutal in the bedroom, so here we are…
He jumped back into the car completely drenched and I kept my laughter at a minimum. He was so frustrated and hating this I could feel it in the air all around us. He deserves it, and so much more. He was too fucking weak to leave and I was too much of a bitch to tell him to go. He then looked at me with water dripping down to his chin and I raised an eyebrow.
“When the lightning lit up the sky I saw a building that way.” He pointed forward. I leaned up and saw nothing but sheets of rain on the window.
“And?” I asked him and he tapped his fingers on the steering wheel.
“Well, it looks like a hotel.”
“Well, go get help then.”
“I think it would be better if we go together, I don’t feel comfortable leaving you here in the car alone.”
“Oh fuck you Ryan.”
“Seriously, Beth,” he said as he reached out and touched my hair and I slapped his hand away from me.
“You touch me when I say so Ryan.”
“Okay,” he said as he lowered his hand and watched me closely. The thunder shook the car and the ground as I held onto the handle until I realized he was still watching me.
“I am more than capable of waiting here, besides, I do not want to get all wet.”
“I would love to…” he started to say and it trailed off as it should. He used to be dirty as hell 100% of the time and I loved that too. I loved that he whispered words like cock and wet pussy into my ear at the best restaurants in the city, or that he had fucked me in my Father’s study when we visited him and his Asian whore of a wife who was 25 years younger than him… I had “stepped away” at dinner. He had followed and he came in my ass that night. I grinned at the huge painting of my Father over the fireplace as he did. I fucking hate him more than Ryan and I have spent my life trying my best to make him miserable but he would never allow me the pleasure of seeing it. He doesn’t give a shit about me, and with me being a girl…yes a girl, my father would never have me run a damn thing for him. Yes, my Dad is a fucking sexist pig as is Ryan, as is every goddamn man I have ever been with really. I am attracted to asshats, it is my talent in life other than shopping and fucking. I excel at those too.
Ryan stepped up to my side and opened the door up, he stared down at me and I watched as the rain ran down his face and dripped from his chin. He held his hand out to me and I shook my head.
“Listen you fucking cunt…you are not any good to me dead,” he said as he leaned down and stared at me. It infuriated me and I slapped him across the face as he smiled at me and then I started to hit him again. He caught my hand and tried to kiss the inside of my palm. I watched him for a second and then jerked it back as he sighed and let his head drop down. I then kicked him back and he fell onto the ground as I reached over and pressed the button to pop the trunk. I stepped out and walked to it and stared in as I sighed. I reached over the body of my Father, with his mouth gaping open as well as his hazy eyes clouded in white. I grabbed the umbrella, slammed the trunk shut, popped the umbrella and watched as Ryan scrambled to his feet and stared at me.
“I fucking hate you,” I said and he watched me walk by him. He glanced back at the trunk and then followed me quickly. What other choice does he have? What choice do I have but to go back and tell you a bit of a tale you may find hard to believe, but trust me…this is exactly how it happened….
Reviews of The Bitter End

“The Bitter End is a totally wicked-ass, mind shattering and twisted hot read. Rue Volley is a wordsmith Goddess.”~ Kim McNeil, Bestselling author of “Caleb”

Only one word can describe this book and it's HOT!~ Jackie Mcmahon (HIP street team)

"It never ceases to amaze me the level of depth that Rue Volley can mix with the naughtiest storylines. If you are looking for a dark and unpredictable erotic roller coaster...The Bitter End is for you!"~Shanna Roberson, Trudy's All Things Books Blog and Reviews.

“This is a Must read ADULTS only story that will make you fall in love with the characters and their personalities and grab your heart, soul, and libido.”~ Jenny Bynum, Black Words-White Pages

“... It has to be made into a movie or series because this is SOOOO GOOD!”~Lovetiggi Book Reviews

“You are going to get a lot of emotion in this story and you might just feel a little used in the end but let me say you will understand once you read this amazing work from Rue Volley why it’s a must read. You will never want to put it down because each page brings new twists.”~Bella, Paranormal Book Club

“Lots of Drama, Lots of sex, a little murder among the Elite...what more could you ask for?!! Definitely give this one 5 stars, I'd give more if they would allow it!”~Elizabeth A. Lance, Bestselling author of “Agents for the Crown”
Links $.99

Coming Soon...

 Cover Reveal of The Twin Dragons

Q & A with Rue Volley
Me: Most of my favorite authors are indie or self-pubbed, what made you decide to go that route?
Rue: I self pubbed back in 2010 with my first book, not knowing a damn thing about the lit world. I spent way too much money with a company who does the “vanity press” thing where you get charged for everything. I also had no real choices on covers either and that bothered me. Anyway, 6 months after I released “Blood & Light” I was offered the opportunity to be in an anthology for Vamptasy Publishing and I did it in hopes of breaking into the lndie Publishing world. Vamptasy read my short called “Birth of a Vampire” and loved it, talks began between us and 3 months after that I was signed with Vamptasy after the contract was worked out and everything. I stayed with Vamptasy and published my entire Blood & Light Vampire series, a witches tale and a few erotics up until it merged and was bought out by SJ Davis who owns Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing and Hot Ink Press. SJ was actually on Vamptasy when I was signed with them and ended up leaving and starting her own publishing company which we all celebrated for her. I already had a few books published with her on CHBB and HIP when the merger happened so the transition was easy for me. I would have to say that I seriously lucked out. I have heard horror stories of some publishers who should be in jail for the crap they pull with authors. My publisher is amazing and by far one of the best publishing companies out there. That is why we have over 100 authors on all three pubs now and it continues to grow weekly.

Me: What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?
Rue: That my imagination was so huge. I guess any author will tell you that writers block is your nemesis but I do not suffer from it, I just have days where I don’t feel like writing so I don’t even try when I feel like that. I just find it amazing to sit down and let the story write itself and I really feel like that most of the time.

Me: Which of your characters are you most like? Least like?
Rue: I am every single character I have ever written to a certain degree but if I had to pin point it I guess I am least like the characters in The Bitter End and most like the ones in the Blood & Light Vampire series. The Bitter End is purposely obnoxious with drama and unlikable characters. I wanted a series with no real hero because there are tons of those books already but you never know, even the worst people can be saved.

Me: Do you have a particular writing habit?
Rue: I always listen to music and I never write after 3pm for some reason.

Me: If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?
Rue: Joss Whedon, the writers of Supernatural, Firefly, Justified, The Walking Dead and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I honestly do not take any of my style from books or other authors, I am all about series and movies. This may be the reason why some people don’t get me as a writer. I am not ignorant of the English language, I just do not write “books”. I write scenes as if you are watching a movie. I am not overly detailed and I do not follow a formula. I write as the story comes to me and I see it in my mind.

Me: Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?
Rue: A ton, you can see them all any day of the week as I share their links on my pages on Facebook, groups and in my magazine.

Me: What is the hardest part of your writing?
Rue: The hardest part is stopping sometimes. I post often about the amount that I write and it is all true. I would guess some may think I am exaggerating but I am not. When I am working full throttle I write 20-30 pages a day and I can finish a Novella in a week. I get into a zone with stories and it becomes a “I will finish this no matter what” situation. I am grateful for it but it is exhausting sometimes and I have to take breaks so I do not burn out. I have written all 34 of my books in the last three years and trust me it was not easy.

Me: Do you have any advice for other writers?
Rue: Well, the best bit of advice I can tell writers is the following.
Set yourself up for success BEFORE you release your first book. By that I mean, get on twitter, make a fanpage, website, get on goodreads, join groups on Facebook and network your butt off. You need to get betas collected to read as you write, they will help you catch grammar stuff and plot holes, they will also be able to review the book on goodreads before you even release it online. Another thing to remember is that you are a business, as in you sell YOU and your book. Be aware of your posts and how you conduct yourself in the lit world. I guess an example would be this, if you go around giving other authors bad reviews then do not be surprised when you get them in return. Also if you go around fighting with everyone then don’t expect a bunch of people to want to be around you. I mean you get it, just conduct yourself in a good way and it will be returned to you. Another thing to remember is to never respond to negative reviews, they will happen. Somewhere, someone will hate you and what you do. Sometimes it is just their opinion and sometimes it is the fact that they are assholes. It’s just that simple and you need to ignore it. I have had USA TODAY and NYT bestselling authors tell me to ignore crappy reviews and they are right. It will do nothing but try to trip you up. Do not let it. You wrote a book for a reason so stand behind it.

Me: Describe yourself in three words.
Rue: Strange but true.

Me: I know characters are like children but if you could chose, who’s your favorite from your books? Of all time?
Rue: One of my all-time favorites is Joshua Barrington of the Blood & Light series because he is based on my husband.

Me: Any song or songs that could basically sum up the overall mood of The Bitter End, Book 1 of the Golden Cown Series?
30 seconds to Mars- The Kill (bury me)

Me: Do you plot out your books or just freely write them and let the characters tell you what to do next?
Rue: I never plot out my books. The book takes me exactly where it wants to go. I usually end up knowing the end at some point and then have to get there.

Me: If you had to choose, which writer would you consider the biggest influence in your writing?
Rue: Anne Rice, only because she took the Vampire and made it human.

Me: What are your current projects? Can you share a little of your current work with us?
Rue: Right now I am writing book two in the Golden Crown series “The Twin Dragons”. It will be releasing July 13th. I am extremely excited to get it out. Book one “The Bitter End” sat on top 100 on amazon for over a week and is still under 10,000. I am so excited that people have enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed writing it. It was a gamble, like I said before, but it seems that not everyone has to have a good guy or girl in a book. Some compare it to “Cruel Intentions” only meaner, I have not seen that movie yet but I guess I have to now. In the end I have no idea if the characters of the Golden Crown series want to be saved or loved by anyone, I guess we will see.

Rue Volley resides on earth with her partner in crime, Von Erik and their two pugs, Mobacca and Oshi Wan Konobi. She is a descendant of the Blackfoot Indians and is very proud of her heritage. She is a bestselling author with over 30 books published with Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly publishing, Hot Ink Press and Vamptasy Publishing. She writes YA, adult fiction and hardcore erotica. Her writing has been described as a perfect blend of Tarantino and David Lynch. It is action packed, extremely twisted and full of perfected characters that jump right off of the page. Rue is a leading advocate for the Arts as she has been for almost 20 years now, hosting a Radio Station and magazine dedicated to Indie Artists getting more exposure. She also plays guitar, violin and sings occasionally if you can bribe her with chocolate. 

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