Saturday, March 5, 2016

REVIEW: Destiny (Forever & Always) by Cindy Springsteen

Forever & Always
Cindy Springsteen


Destiny (Forever & Always) Book One

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As everybody knows, I am a Paranormal lover, but from time to time, I stray from my genre to give a different genre a try.......

This author has written a few Children's books and I have loved each one of them that I have had the opportunity to read and review and share with everybody. When this story came up, I automatically wanted this story to read and review and I must admit that this author did not disappoint me at all.

This story starts off with Cindy's daughter and her argument with her boyfriend and then it fades back to the past with the life that Cindy had and what she went through. This book is full of raw emotions of a teenage girl.

As a matter of fact, this story tugged at my heartstrings and kept me reading from beginning to end. I felt so bad for the main character in this story. She was easy to relate to because it happens to many teen girls and adult women. I could feel the power of the words and the amount of feelings that went through this character. I would at one time be routing for the character Cindy, then my heart would be breaking in the next page. I loved the roller coaster ride of ups, downs, anger, love, and laughs. It's a true story and a magnificent read. I highly recommend this amazing read to all and I know it will pull at your heartstrings just as it did mine. I am so glad that I gave this book a read, because it's one I won't forget anytime soon. I want to commend this author for pouring her heart out in this book. I will love this book forever and always.

New Updated Review:
The author took this book down off the shelves and had some changes made to the story and a new cover added to it.

I must say that I love this cover!! I think the cover is extremely eye popping and better looking than the original. I also love how much more smoothly this book read. Everything flows and makes this book even more enjoyable to read!! The author did add a few extra things to this version too, which made it even more phenomenal!! This story is still a true story about the author, but she decided to change the main characters name. Overall this book was still heart wrenching at times, but I still loved it and will continue to re-read it in the future. I highly recommend this story to all to read.

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