Tuesday, February 23, 2021

REVIEW: Queen of the Fireflies by P Mattern


Welcome back to our final week of February's Author Spotlight featuring P Mattern and her new release, Queen of the Fireflies!! This week, I am sharing my review with you all!! So keep scrolling to the end to see my thoughts about this story!!! 

Queen of the Fireflies
by P Mattern
Released: February 9, 2021
Publisher: CHBB Publishing
Cover Artist: Moon Media INK
Hosted by Black Words-White Pages

Her name is Valeria, and she used to be human.

Her refusal to marry a warlock seals her fate, and she is cursed to become a Shapeshifter, an Immortal, and Queen of the tiny luminous creatures she had adored in her human life: the fireflies.

That is, if she ever escapes the jar she was buried in.

Felix and Fredricka Parker spend the summer on their Aunt Trish’s farm while their parental units celebrate their anniversary in Paris. With no wifi, their prospects of having a great summer seem less than dismal.

Until they go digging around one day near a creek bed and unearth something that will change their view of the world forever.

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This was such a cute story.

The characters were so amazing. I enjoyed getting to know Freddie, Felix, Aunt Trish and Valeria. The kids made this story a real treat to read.

The story-line was clever. Mattern is an absolute genius!! The tale that she twisted into this story kept me entertained from beginning to end and made it such and amazing and fun read with an incredible plot twist that I didn't see coming right away. This is a phenomenal page turner and I highly recommend it.