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As summer begins, Megan J Parker has decided to make her Scarlet Night trilogy on sale for the summer! You can get the FULL trilogy for LESS THAN $2!! DON'T MISS OUT ON THESE PRICES! 

Behind the Veil Series

Scarlet Night

Zane’s horrific past is forever etched into his skin. 

His anger and pain overcome his body and turns him into the beast he’s come to accept himself as. 
But, is there a way to save himself from the beast he has become? 

Especially when the anger makes him feel complete… 


Serena can’t let go of the past, and, in the spectral embrace of her murdered lover, Devon, she has little reason to... 

Until Zane arrives on her doorstep (and blows it into splinters). 
However, she can’t deny the true desire she feels in Zane’s strong embrace. 
Will she be able to resist Zane’s mysterious allure, despite her own budding passion? 

Especially when the passion makes her feel complete… 


As their personal pasts continue to haunt them, 
the future for them and their clan grows evermore in 
jeopardy of the malicious schemes of a familiar force. 
Can an untamable beauty finally submit to her destiny, 
and can a slaughterous beast be swayed of its catastrophic nature? 

Or will the lover and the fighter be doomed to lose themselves amidst the chaos? 

Scarlet Dawn

The truth never stays dead… 

Serena Vailean can’t stop thinking about Zane… 
But now that she's facing the new challenges that come from running a clan, she desperately searches for a way to move on. But does she have what it takes to find the courage to do what needs to be done? 

Though it may not be as hard as she thought when she finds herself face to face with Axle Travers… 
Axle Travers lives in the moment… 
Now, he travels with his band of misfit comrades, stealing and pillaging for his own desperate cause. But, when he meets Serena Vailean, things begin to make less and less sense. 
It may not be as hard as he thought when he finds himself face to face with a ghostly newcomer. 

With Serena’s past continuing to haunt both of them, can they find the strength to take on a mutual enemy? 

Or will they get lost in the dark embrace that threatens everything at hand? 

Scarlet Dusk

He would do anything to get her back…

Zane’s back…

And pissed!

Even with certain burdens overcome, he is losing his mind to the anger and loss. Now on the trail of his biggest nightmare, Zane has to come to grips with his own strength. But when the past climbs back to the surface, he’s forced to make a choice that could change everything.
But with the screams of Serena echoing in his head, he must find a way to save the day.

* * * *

Serena has never been more terrified.
And as every dusk that falls she feels the threat of losing all hope growing within. The only courage she can find is her faith in Zane’s arrival and the love they share.
But, with the days growing longer and her screams growing stronger, she can’t seem to call upon the strength that was always there.


With the end drawing near, will the two be able to find the power to overcome their largest challenge yet?

Or will this new conflict be too strong for them…

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