Tuesday, February 2, 2016

REVIEW: Pieces On Earth by Cathy Bryant

Pieces On Earth
A Christmas Novela
Cathy Bryant
Genre: Christian

As the wife of a naval aviator in sunny Pensacola, Florida, Liv Tulley eagerly anticipates the first Christmas in several years with her husband, daughter, and extended family. Then her husband is unexpectedly deployed for an undetermined amount of time, smashing her white Christmas dreams to pieces. Can she find God's peace in the midst of life's pieces?

Pieces on Earth

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

YA Paranormal is my favorite genre as a reader, but as a blogger and reviewer, I am prone to stepping outside of my comfort zone and giving other genres a try.

I think I have found a new favorite Author for 2016, and not just any Author, but a Christian Author!! I was blown away as I read this marvelous story of life, love, and the word of GOD!! This story put joy into my heart and soul as I kept reading. I loved how the Author entwined the word of GOD into the story, and even though, I know the story, it made me just as excited as it did Chesney. I was also in awe at the reminder that we all are broken and we need GOD in our lives just as much now as we ever did in previous years and help us put our 'Pieces' back together. This amazing story shined a new light for me at the end of my dark tunnel that I have recently found myself in. This story has renewed my HOPE once again. This story is a beacon to believers and non-believers alike. If you are not a believer, this miracle story will change your life and make you think about what you believe and don't believe. I am very excited to read more by this author and I highly recommend this to all to read.

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