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REVIEW: Same Kind of Different As Me. by Ron Hall and Denver Moore

Same Kind of Different As Me.
Ron Hall and Denver Moore

Same Kind of Different as Me
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


My prefer genre is YA Paranormal, but from time to time, I will step out of my comfort zone and give other genres a try. The main reason I wanted to read this book was because I had found out that one of the authors is coming to this little burg of Warsaw, IN, and that one of the greatest people I look up to in this community helped to put together a banquet in honor of the authors of this book and so I decided that I just HAD to read this story.....

Never in my whole career as a blogger and book reviewer have I ever came across a book that was 235 pages long and been able to tell the tail of finishing it in only a few hours and being so moved as I was with this story that no words were able to spring forth right away. I had to sit and let the story sink in and my thoughts come together to write this review. I also took a lot of notes, because there is a lot of wisdom that I wanted to remember in this story and put what I learned in effect in my life.

There was a time in my not so recent past that I was homeless and so I was able to relate a lot to this story and the things that Denver was thinking about himself as a homeless person. Then there was also a time where I thought just as Ron did in the story about homeless people, that is until I became one. The one thing that I have learned in this life is that you can't always judge the book by its cover and put people in different stereotypical categories, because they are going to be false. This book also reminded me of that same piece of advise. This book really hit home about racism, slavery, and homelessness and it hurt my heart to read about it.

Denver Moore.
He was a courageous and selfless man that no matter what life threw at him, his faith in God never wavered in the slightest. His story of poverty and slavery was a powerful part of the story. I will never be able to imagine what his life was like, but reading this story, I was able to have a feel for what he went through and how the Spirit of God worked through him. He is a very phenomenal character and one that I will never forget.

Deborah and Ron Hall
This couple was extraordinary!! The rough trials and tribulations that this couple went through was phenomenal. The power of God really worked through them and I must say that it is very rare now a days for couples to go through what they did and still be together. Deborah was so kind and loving and she never for one minute think that anyone was bad or evil. She was truly one of God's angels. At first I didn't like Ron, because he seemed so arrogant and self centered and that made me despise him, but as I kept reading, I realized his perspective of people was off and that at one time, I was just like him. He ended up being a great man who helped achieve great things for people and I loved it.

This is a humbling story that will I highly recommend to all to read and is my number best read for 2016. I will forever hold this book in my heart and soul.

To conclude this review, I want to add a very true statement that rings true through my heart and soul and one that I will always hold dear and remember. A quote from Denver Moore himself.

"I used to spend a lotta time worryin that I was different from other people, even from other homeless folks. Then, after I met Miss Debbie and Mr Ron, I worried that I was so different from them that we wadn't ever gon' have no kind a' future. But I found out everybody's different-the same kind of different as me. We're all just regular folks walkin down the road God done set in front of us.

The truth about it is, whether we is rich or poor or somethin in between, this Earth ain't no final restin place. So in a way, we is all homeless-just workin our way home."~Denver Moore

This video fits this perfectly, please take a moment and listen.

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