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BLOG TOUR: Second Life by Emily Reese SPOTLIGHT

Second Life
(The Second Series, Bk #2)
By Emily Reese


She thought her trials were over...

When she ended the Second Life of the serial killer turned vampire responsible for her own transformation, Claire assumed she’d be able to move on with her life. The “man” was a literal monster, and the world would be better off without him.

If only the rest of her world shared that opinion.

With the help of new allies Claire must race against the clock to prove her acts justifiable… or risk following her tormentor to the grave. And as for Mike, whose rescue was the catalyst for her current troubles, what kind of life will he awaken to? And will he ever forgive her for her actions that night?

In the thrilling sequel to Second Death, the story of Claire Wallace and Mike Monroe continues to unfold, immersing readers in the complex and often brutal world of the supernatural. A world that exists all around us.

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It had never been my intention to become a nighttime avenger for victims of sexual assault, but it certainly seemed to be turning out that way. I jumped down from the roof and landed behind Creepy Guy; the two men were so focused on each other, I had to speak to get their attention.
“Hey boys,” I said and cocked my hip out to the right. “Everything going okay?”
Creepy shot me a glare over his shoulder. “None of your business, bitch. Me and this queer are having some words. Leave, or your next.” He wasn’t even scared, just pissed that now I was going to cause him to rush things. I'm going enjoy my meal tonight.
“Actually, that’s exactly what I had in mind. You mind if I go first, kid?” I looked around my victim to the petrified boy; he was so scared he couldn’t even nod. All I was getting from him was: Help. Help. Help. Please help. I don’t want to die. I just want to go home. This isn’t happening. Oh, God, help me. “I’ll take that as a yes.” I opened my arms and said, “Okay, asshole. Show me what you’ve got.”
Turns out what said asshole had was a lot of rage. Rage at the boy for being beautiful and gay, rage at himself for being attracted to men, rage at me for being a woman, baiting him, challenging his precious manhood while doing nothing for his libido, making him feel even more wrong. All of it hit me in a wave, the seething hate so hot my skin warmed. If he hadn’t been such a psycho, I might’ve felt sorry for him.
“You’re gonna hurt, bitch. I don’t like interruptions.” He charged me, leading with his knife, sure his bulk would help him in this fight. I couldn’t wait for him to get close enough to prove him wrong.
With my speed, it was as if he moved in slow motion. I grabbed his arm and brought it down over my knee, forcing him to drop his knife. Still gripping his arm, I spun into him and sent an elbow into his ample gut, causing him to double over and wheeze. A knee to the groin, (which seemed appropriate given the context,) had him on the ground, coughing and whimpering. I put him in a headlock and lifted him up, though, given my height, his feet were dragging. I was about to let my teeth out, when I realized the boy hadn’t moved. He was still up against the car, his mouth hanging open. Between nearly being killed and watching me take down an armed guy nearly double my size, the kid was more or less in shock. Instead of the normal flow of emotions I picked up from humans, all I got from him was static. Total disconnect.
“You should go, kid. You’ve seen enough tonight — you’re not going to like what comes next.”
The poor kid nodded slowly and began stumbling back toward the lights and the crowds. Just before he walked into the light, he turned. He looked to me as if he wanted to say something, but his voice wasn’t cooperating.
I nodded, and returned my attention to a recovering Creepy Guy. He began to struggle and pull at my arms around his neck.
“What… the… hell… are you?” he managed to gasp.

“I used to be just like that boy, with some dickhead just like you making my life a living hell. I survived. Then I killed him. What do you think that means for you?”

The Second Series 

The Second Death
Book #1

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About The Author

Emily Reese graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in Communication Studies, which makes it a little easier to write dialog… when her characters are cooperating. She lives out in the middle of nowhere with her husband, their two daughters, two cats, and a Pug. She loves smushed faced animals, the creative power of Junior Mints, the glory of naps, baking, video games (especially BioWare,) and the sound of her girls giggling together. Her works include Second Death, Second Life, and Servant of the Three coming September 2016.

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