Friday, April 22, 2016

PRE-ORDER & REVIEW: Bloodthorn by Tamara Grantham


Olive Kennedy Fairy World MD Book 3

Tamara Grantham

Olive Kennedy doesn't believe in fairy tales.

In a desperate attempt to earn income, fairy world therapist Olive Kennedy resorts to finding clients at the Texas Renaissance Festival. When she discovers the corpse of her client's husband discarded in her booth, she realizes that earning her next paycheck is the least of her worries.

As more of Olive's clients fall prey to the killer, the fairy prince and princess arrive from Faythander with troubling news. The starstone—the fairies' source of magic—has been stolen, and the thief is hiding on Earth. The bloodthorn, a mythical beast born of fairy legends, is rumored to be responsible, but no one is certain if the creature exists.

Of course, the fairy royalty do not travel alone. Their protector happens to be the one man Olive never wanted to see again. Her ex—Kull.

Following a trail of clues, she learns that the killer may be a shape shifter. Worse, she learns the identity of his next target—her.

After months with no contact from Faythander, Olive hoped the magical drama was over, yet it seems she'll never escape the beings who haunt her nightmares… or be free from the man who took away her happily ever after.

This story is by far my favorite one out of this series so far. It's mysterious, magical, and quite the page turner. There were also surprises lurking around every corner too. This book had a lot of suspense, and I loved the power, strength and how courageous Olive became since the beginning of the series and I absolutely loved the new and improved Olive in this story. She showed her fear and yet, learned to not take crap from nobody. Olive actually scared me in this story. I highly recommend this story to all to enjoy. It's full of so much compassion and surprises that it will make keep turning page after page from beginning to end. I am very anxious to read more about Olive and her adventures that I know are yet to come.

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