Monday, August 29, 2016

REVIEW: Unveiled by Kristin Clark

The Chosen Trilogy #2
Kristin Clark

Everyone thought Chloe was gone, giving up her own life to save those she loves, until the love of her life makes the ultimate sacrifice. When she is brought back from the other side, her white light isn't the only thing she brings with her. Now her fight will be with more than just a dark immortal. 

After discovering the help they seek can only be summoned on one particular full moon's night, the chosen will have to fight to stay alive until they can call upon the original three sisters. Will the power of three they conjure suffice? Or will a greater sacrifice be needed to destroy Aden for good? 

With the chosen by her side, Chloe will further her quest to destroy the dark sorcerer while battling another darkness—a darkness that will lure you in until it completely consumes you. But what if the darkness you were created to destroy lived inside of you? 

Who can you trust when you can't even trust yourself?

I have been waiting for this book to be released ever since I read the first book in this trilogy.....And now.......WOW.....It was AMAZING!!! All the suspense was phenomenal, even though, the cliffhanger ending now has me craving for book three...The ending really ripped my heart out and stomped on it to the floor. The characters in this story were just as amazing as they were in book one and just as lovable. The story-line was captivating and very addicting. I could not put this book down and was so sad when I reached the end. I absolutely loved the whole flow of the story. This book will leave you in awe and wonder. I can't wait to read the final book to this trilogy and see exactly where this author is going to take us. This is for sure a tissue worthy story and gets my five book review of awesomeness. I highly recommend this story to all to read and enjoy.

I purchased my copy from the author at Once Upon A Book Author Signing that was held in Michigan in August 2016.

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