Tuesday, April 11, 2017

RELEASE DAY BLITZ & REVIEW: Gods & Monsters by Nathan Squiers

Gods & Monsters
A Crimson Shadow Novel #6
Nathan Squiers

Xander Stryker has faced a lot in the past few years: 
An abusive, misery-hungry stepfather… 

A psychotic rogue with a vendetta against Xander’s bloodline… 
Super-powered hunters… 
And a being once hailed as a goddess. 
And, through it all, miles and miles of blood-thirsty rogues. 
Yet, all that seems to have meant little for what Xander finds himself against: a force unlike any other that has already anchored itself to his city like a weed. A force that has made anyone and everyone a possible enemy. A force hiding under the guise of a church, spreading a gospel of monsters and murder. 

With everything that he’s worked so hard to create coming unraveled, Xander will be forced to make it the ultimate sacrifice. 

I must say I am dumbfounded and completely at a loss for words after reading this story.......

Well, we have made it to a new adventure with some amazing, yet surprising turn of events in book six. Before I go on with my review of this book, I must say it has been quite the wild ride since Crimson Shadow came out and this author's style of writing has grown an incredible amount since then along with the characters in this series. This author really knows how to intrigued, interest, and inspire us with his magic through the characters and the words that fly off the pages as we read. With that being said, let's see what I thought of book six.......

This book was phenomenal and I absolutely loved every single minute of it. So many awesome and amazingly shocking events have happened in this book. Too many to actually talk about without giving it all away. The characters were still just as awesome and the new characters in the story were pretty fantastic too. The author did an incredible job bringing forward the feelers in this book. I was either laughing out loud, so much so that I almost thought I might have woke my neighbors, to feeling anger right along with the characters, to actually snot crying so hard that my tissues couldn't hold it all, to almost, but not quite throwing my kindle in frustration. Squiers did not disappoint with all the action, blood, gore, and suspense either. Every magical page had me craving to read more and I devoured this whole story within a twelve hour period of time. Though, the author felt us with quite the cliffhanger, which I am rarely fond of, I understand why the author left us hanging where he did. The author also tied up a few loose ends in this story as well, which made me smile as I read them as I remembered them from past books throughout this roller-coaster ride. 

This is by far my favorite story, granite, I did get mad at the author a couple of times, and is in my top five favorite reads of 2017. I am anxious and a bit nervous to see what this author has in store of Xander, Estella, and the gang in the next and final installment to this amazingly kick butt series. I highly recommend this read!!

Due to the graphic scenes and language, this book is NOT for the faint of heart, nor for anyone under the age of 18.

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