Sunday, July 22, 2018

REVIEW: The Dead Game by KB Miller

The Dead Game
KB Miller

Never play with the dead.

That’s a rule twenty-one-year-old college senior, Alyson Taylor should have followed. After moving into a recently renovated house closer to school with her mother and sister, Aly and her friends find a new toy to play with in the attic─ a Ouija Board.

Aly, and her friends start communicating with a spirit through the board. They have no idea who or what they’re dealing with. Only one thing is certain, no one will be the same after the spirit is finished with them.

Will anyone survive The Dead Game?

KB Miller is a master when it comes to storytelling!!

The characters were phenomenal. I loved how each character had a certain part in the story. Ali was an incredible and strong willed character and I just loved reading about her.

The story-line was amazing. I loved how spooky and creepy this story was. I had the chills running up and down my spine and my arms as I read further into the book. I was completely convinced that I was within the walls of these pages and the characters. This is for sure one of my favorite reads and I highly recommend it!!

A side note.....
KB Miller lost her battle earlier this year to MS and I wish she was still alive to read my review of her book. I will always love and miss you so very much, Kym!! -Jenny Bynum

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