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Welcome back to the final week with Katherine Moore!!! It's been an incredible month getting to know and learning from Katherine and I just want to take a moment and thank her for hanging out with us!!! Thank you so much for joining us, Katherine!!! It has been so much fun!!! Now without further adieu, let's share about Katherine and her book, Bewitched: Books of Wonder #1 and then at the end I will share with you all my review!!!


Sometimes Rachel Hoffman feels like her life has gone full circle and there’s nowhere left to go.
She retreated to her small Pacific Northwest hometown after her 15-year marriage broke up. She lives in her parents’ house—they’re in Arizona—right next door to her childhood best friend, who is living in her parents’ house.
She can’t even look forward to empty nest syndrome because her stepdaughter followed her back to Chickadee Falls, WA and now attends nursing school at the local community college, though she lives off campus in a houseful of misfits where nobody cooks. Or cleans. Or even washes their sheets more than once every month or two.
But since meeting the enigmatic Peyton Buchanan on Halloween, Rachel’s life has gotten a lot more interesting.
For one thing, he knows she’s a witch.
For another, she knows he’s a vampire.
And things get even more complicated when her elderly great aunt ends up dead but the corpse in the morgue barely looks like a teenager.
With a demon, a Norn, a vampire FBI agent, and a very grim grimoire, it's no wonder the local chief of police is looking at Rachel sideways.

First introduced in the short story “Midlife Magic,” Rachel and Peyton’s adventures continue in the Books of Wonder series.



This was interesting read.

The characters were awesome. I loved reading and getting to know each character within the story.

The storyline, I felt had some holes in it that didn't explain a whole lot and I felt like some parts needed more explaining. I have a few unanswered questions but maybe as the books progress, we will get more answers. Otherwise it's a great storyline with a great plot twist. Even though I gave it 4 stars, I do highly recommend it!!


Katherine Moore is the USA Today bestselling pen name of screenwriter/editor Katherine Tomlinson. She also writes fantasy and urban fantasy as Kat Parrish, horror and mystery under her real name, and Gothic horror and darker romance as Katia Kozar. She has worked as a newspaper stringer, food writer, caterer, magazine editor, production company executive, film extra, and lifestyle reporter as well as ghostwriting dozens of advertorial ebooks for marketers. An Army brat, she loves to travel and is currently a digital nomad living in Portugal.



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